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If you have registered disregard this message and go on ahead. If you haven't registered read on.

When you register, do so with your REAL NAME (e.g. in this form -> John Smith, capitals and space).

For those who can't seem to log in, try using your REAL name.

This will save the admins lots of time!
Thank you!

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    Joining the forum/Logging in

    Maximillian Kite
    Maximillian Kite

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    Joining the forum/Logging in Empty Joining the forum/Logging in

    Post by Maximillian Kite on Mon Jul 05, 2010 9:53 pm

    Many of you are asking me to invite you to the forum. All you have to do is register with your full name (in the form "John Smith" - with a space!) and an email that I or another admin can verify and once you do that we can activate your account. You can also post your email on the facebook group (which is now open to the public, but no one outside sbhs will be let on)!/event.php?eid=108098842572518&ref=ts

    But since you're already here just click here -->

    voilà your in. Smile

    NOTE: Regardless of what you put if you haven't bothered to read how your name should have been entered, your username will be changed to your real full name e.g. John Smith (yes, include the space)

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