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    General guide to uploading material

    Austyn Guo
    Austyn Guo

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    General guide to uploading material Empty General guide to uploading material

    Post by Austyn Guo on Thu Jul 08, 2010 4:09 pm

    A guide to ensure the smooth running of the forum later on.

    1. Uploading files
      As this forum is unable to host files, you will need to use an external site to host your files and then link to the file here.
      To ensure efficiency within in the forum, it is recommended that when you choose a file hoster, it should be one where there are no wait times/captchas(i.e. no RapidShare/Megaupload).

      Some suggested places to upload:
      drop.io Optional registration, simple to use. 100mb per drop and you can place multiple files in each drop (You can create as many "drops" as you want)
      Dropbox (Public folder) Registration required. Extremely useful and easy to use (install and forget) desktop tool for saving/backing all your files online (automatic syncing) and also sharing files through the public folder. By using the link to the left you'll get an extra 250mb on top of the normal 2gb of storage
      Skydrive (Public folder) Chances are most of you have a Hotmail account, so you will have Skydrive already. Just log in with your Hotmail details and enjoy the 25gb of online storage you probably never knew about. 50mb limit per file.

      Of course there are probably other hosters, so feel free to use those so long as they satisfy the above conditions!

    2. Naming of files
      To avoid having a collection of files with the same/similar names e.g. "Blade Runner/Frankenstein Essay" it is suggested that you put your name in the title of the file. e.g. "Blade Runner/Frankenstein [John Smith]". This will help avoid confusion later on.

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