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    Maximillian Kite
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    Rules Empty Rules

    Post by Maximillian Kite on Thu Jun 24, 2010 5:23 pm

    In order to ensure the security of our work from other schools [and undesirables], a few security precautions must be taken.

    1. You must use an email that one of the Administrators (Advise me if you would like to be an admin) can verify. This should be the email you used for the jersey registration, although, if you use another email that we know to be you, that’s fine as well.

    2. You MUST use your full real name as your username. No hiding behind aliases.

    3. Admin verification. This means that the Administrators must activate your account before you can start posting.

    4. Don’t tell your friends from other schools about this site.

    5. Don’t give your account username/password to any friends from other schools.

    6. Be nice. Don’t flame. You get the gist. When someone’s asking for help, don’t insult them, etc. Common courtesy.

    7. Keep your work in ONE THREAD, this prevents heaps of different threads for each piece of work. Eg in the English Advanced forum I would create a topic called "Max's Stuff" and upload all my Advanced stuff I wish for people to use. Plus it makes it easy for me to sticky particularly good topics.

    8. LABEL CLEARLY what you have uploaded for ease of download, if you wish (and I would advise this as it is a good indicator of quality) you can place the mark you received for the essay/creative piece in the latest formal assessment. Keep in mind that this site doesn't allow direct uploading, so you will have to use external uploading sites, and then link it, or just copy paste if it's small enough.

    9. Please share your work, even if you think it's a load of shit. Even if nobody downloads it, at least you are contributing to the society.

    10. The most important rule. I can't stress how important it is to NOT TO DISTRIBUTE OTHER PEOPLE'S WORK. It's okay to send your own work to other people in other schools, but not okay to be sending, for example, one of Drew's old essays to lost causes at Homebush Boys. Anyone found doing so will be dealt with swiftly.

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